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‘Hartford Creates’ partnership strives to make the city a regional arts destination

By Connecticut Arts Alliance May 24, 2023

The city of Hartford and the Greater Hartford Arts Council have launched year two of “Hartford Creates.” The multi-year initiative leverages $3 million over three years from the American Rescue Plan to expand the creative economy of the Hartford region by providing more opportunities for artists. The money also supports more arts and culture events for audiences.…

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With a new marketing chief, CT aims to refresh its brand this summer

By Connecticut Arts Alliance May 1, 2023

Among residents surveyed for a new Connecticut marketing campaign scheduled to roll out this summer, nearly 70% agreed the state has a high quality of life, and nearly 77.6% see it as a great place to raise a family. Those are solid scores, although state officials hope to raise them. The state’s perception fell sharply…

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Connecticut’s Hispanic performing artists adapt to inflation with hope for future generations

By Connecticut Arts Alliance April 24, 2023

Valeriano Ramos is a professional flamenco guitarist. He has been performing since 1985. Valeriano learned flamenco when he attended a music program at a Bronx school. Unlike most Puerto Ricans who perform salsa, bachata, bomba y plena, or boleros, he dedicates his time to the flamenco rhythm. Ramos said that inflation has taken a toll on…

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“The Fantasticks” to Feature Props from New York Theatre

By Connecticut Arts Alliance April 17, 2023

“The Fantasticks”, directed by CAA member Lois Fiftal, will feature the actual stage props from the New York revival of this show. To read the full press release about this exciting production, click below! Fantasticks Press Release Submitted by Community Theatre at Woodbury  

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Fasten your seat belts. It’s going to be a bumpy ride.

By Connecticut Arts Alliance April 13, 2023

By Sen. Cathy Osten Posted in The Day April 7, 2023 On the first weekend of spring, when temperatures reached into the mid-50s at my home in Sprague, I spent the day working outside, filling a roll-off container with yard waste. I’m on a bit of a spring-cleaning streak, having also recently gone through my closet…

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Its session three-fifths gone, CT legislature begins a crucial time

By Connecticut Arts Alliance April 4, 2023

The 2023 session of the Connecticut General Assembly entered a quiet and crucial phase this week. All but the tax and budget committees have reached their deadlines for reporting bills to the floors of the House and Senate. Complicated and contentious bills on wage and workplace standards, energy regulation, gun control, affordable housing, climate change…

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Signs of a rebound at Hartford venues

By Connecticut Arts Alliance April 3, 2023

A reluctance to attend live shows appears to be easing a bit this spring in Hartford as the pandemic winds down, but the push to coax people off their couches and away from the television still has months, possibly even a year or more, ahead of it. Even so, at Sea Tea Improv, downtown’s underground…

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RiseUP’s ART maniFESTation event in May expected to draw thousands to Hartford

By Connecticut Arts Alliance March 29, 2023

Several thousand people are expected to attend the third annual ART maniFESTation – a combination of public art viewing, musical performances and interactive activities – on Bartholomew Avenue in Hartford on May 13. Organizer Matt Conway, executive director of sponsor RiseUP, said the 2023 event is expected to far surpass attendance of the first two…

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