Our Diversity is Our Strength

Musicians, painters, poets, sculptors, and dancers. Filmmakers, photographers, and stagehands. Visionaries. Students. Teachers. Businesses. Theaters. Museums. Galleries. The strength of our work is in the many perspectives of our members. Together, they share a steadfast commitment to the arts.

Hearts denote 3-year pledge members

Individual Members

Aaron Thompson
AJ Jansen
Allen Lowe
Andrea Manning
Andre Rochester
Angela Whitford
Ben Hope
Bill Jones
Carolyn Brooks-Burton
Catherine Lavoie
Christa Maynard
Christie Echols
Christina Maschke
Cindy Martinez
Dana Saccomano
Daniel Morrison
David Sullivan
Donna Veach
Dori Melowicz
Eddie Hall
Emily Lundy
Gretchen Di Gigiannantonio
Haley Zhu-Butler
Heather Pontonio
Howard McCalebb
Jack Rosenberg
James Bradford
James Hodge
Jennifer Abbott-Tillou
Jessica Yagid

John Cusano*
John Kildahl
Judy Pancoast
Julie Liefeld
Julie Meehan
Karen Bowman
Kathleen Fay
Katiana Smith
Lanea Collins
Lara Langer
Lauren Helms
Marc Alan
Michelle Szabo
Maybeth Morales-Davis
Melissa Gold Fournier
Mike Winer
Nancy Alexander
Nicole Young-Martin
Patsy Stroble
Pam Vitale
Rebecca Stoll*
Richard James
Sally Rogers
Shanna T. Melton
Shannon Sorensen
Suzan Scott
Tamara Dimitri
Tenaya Taylor
Varoujan Froundjian


Member Organizations

* = Multi-year pledge member