Connecticut Arts Alliance inspires support for the arts.

Connecticut Arts Alliance is a statewide non-profit organization that works to build political, financial, and grassroots support to ensure that arts are a vital part of life for everyone in Connecticut. CAA engages artists of all kinds, arts leaders, and members of the community with regular advocacy updates and signature programs like Create the Vote and Arts Day at the

WE EDUCATE to share the stories of how arts and creativity make a difference in all our lives, every day. From helping young people find their voices to bringing imagination into the workplace to building more vibrant cities and towns, the arts are everywhere in our private and public lives.

WE ADVOCATE to inspire and empower people across Connecticut to raise their voices in support of the arts. Together, we work to bring more resources to the arts and creative community, ensure all young people have access to arts education, and encourage local and state leaders to be champions of the arts.

WE ORGANIZE an arts community to be stronger together. That’s why we convene communities to explore important issues that affect the arts. And, we are a critical resource on national trends, policy issues and best practices.

In 2019, CAA helped put arts and culture on the state’s political agenda. For the first time ever, the arts were part of the incoming Governor’s Transition Team. The Governor’s Arts, Culture and Tourism Transition Policy Committee was co-chaired by a CAA Board Member, and it presented recommendations to the incoming administration. In addition, CAA:

  • Led a delegation of artists, arts administrators, and advocates to meet the Connecticut Congressional delegation in Washington, D.C. for the Arts Action Summit and Arts Advocacy Day in March
  • Helped stabilize funding for the CT Council on the Arts this year through our advocacy in the State House with the House, Senate, and the Governor
  • Co-sponsored Arts, Culture and Tourism Advocacy Day in Hartford in April, and successfully led the fight advocating to change the name of the legislative Tourism Caucus to the Arts, Culture and Tourism Caucus
  • Participated in Connecticut Arts Day in New Haven that included performances, panel discussions, presentations, workshops, and networking opportunities
  • Maintained a steady presence at the State House, updating members on State and Federal legislation affecting the arts and creative industries and providing advocacy guidance and tools
  • Developed a three-year strategic plan that includes increasing financial resources, hiring a full-time executive director, and developing state-wide education campaigns
  • Built the political and financial capacity of CAA by doubling our membership with arts and culture organizations from across Connecticut.

In 2020, CAA will continue to inspire support for the arts by working to ensure that arts are always a vital part of life for people of all ages across the state.