2024 Legislative Session

 A big THANK YOU to our members for their support for the arts during the 2024 legislative session!



Here's what we accomplished:

  • We made important progress with securing more meaningful, reliable, and equitable funding for the arts community. The introduction of the “meals tax” bill proposed an allocation of $50 million from the meals tax to the Tourism Fund.
  • The community came out in force with written and public testimony to advocate for the goals of the Arts, Culture, and Tourism Funding Roadmap during two public hearings.
  • We packed the legislature hearing room when Randy Cohen from Americans for the Arts came to talk with legislators about the economic impact of the arts.
  • Arts advocates sharpened their skills through advocacy trainings we co-hosted with Gallo and Robinson and the Connecticut League of Museums.


In just two years, we’ve raised the profile of arts funding as a priority for legislative action thanks to our statewide community of arts advocates. That’s the power of raising a united voice for the arts!


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