State Budget

For Fiscal Year 2023

We’ve combed through the 600+ page budget to zero in on the parts that affect the arts community. Review the documents down below.

In general, allocations to the arts that were established last year remain intact while the Free Summer in the Museums program (which was originally zeroed out in the House version of the budget) was funded at $15 million. The Tourism Fund saw increases in several line items for individual organizations and groups while funding for CT Office of the Arts remained unchanged at $1.5 million.

The budget is particularly complicated to read this year as it includes three areas of revenue sources: the General Fund, American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funds, and unspent Carry Forward funds.

The budget was first proposed by the Governor, modified by the House and modified again by the Senate. Provided the Governor signs the budget as presented, the Senate version is final.

Tourism Fund Allocation

Allocation of Carry Forward Funds

Tourism Fund Allocation

Allocation of ARPA Funds

Tourism Fund Allocation

Full budget passed by the Senate

Tourism Fund Allocation

Breakdown of the Tourism Fund

What If?

What if Connecticut's arts sector had more funding? Or less? Use this tool to select a state, choose to include or exclude line items, or enter an appropriation amount to see how state rankings are affected.

State Arts Funding

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