CT artists and scholars win prestigious Guggenheim awards

Of the 188 people chosen to be Guggenheim Fellows in 2024, quite a few have ties to Connecticut. The awards have been given annually since 1925 and are considered among the most prestigious honors given to leading figures in arts, sciences and humanities.

Most of the Connecticut-related names on this year’s list are affiliated with Yale University. Yale is second only to Harvard in the number of faculty members that have received Guggenheim fellowships over the years.

The Yale-based 2024 fellows are: Elizabeth Hinton, a professor of History, African American Studies, and Law at both Yale University and Yale Law School; Douglas Rogers, professor and chair of the Yale Department of Anthropology; Marta Figlerowicz, associate professor of Comparative Literature and of English; Ned Blackhawk, professor of History and American Studies; Tavia Nyong’o, chair and professor of Theater & Performance Studies, as well as professor of American Studies and professor of African-American Studies; Travis Zadeh, professor of Religious Studies and the program in Medieval Studies who is also on the Council of Middle East Studies and the director of the Yale Program in Iranian Studies; and Ben Hagari, a lecturer at the Yale School of Art.


To learn about the other Connecticut Guggenheim fellows and read the full article, click here.

By Christopher Arnott
April 13, 2024
Hartford Courant

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