Pulitzer officials expand eligibility in arts categories, letting some non-US citizens compete

The Pulitzer Prize Board has revised its longtime rules on eligibility for many of its arts and letters awards and will now allow those not born in the U.S. and other non-citizens to compete.

The board announced Tuesday that permanent residents and those who have made the U.S. their longtime primary home will be eligible in the categories for books, drama and music. The changes go into effect for the 2025 awards cycle, which begins next spring.

“The Board is enthusiastic about ensuring that the Prizes are inclusive and accessible to those producing distinguished work in Books, Drama and Music,” board co-chairs Tommie Shelby and Neil Brown said in a statement. “This expansion of eligibility is an appropriate update of our rules and compatible with the goals Joseph Pulitzer had in establishing these awards.”

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Posted September 12, 2023

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