Hartford area fine arts museums pursue working together as they struggle to emerge from bruising pandemic.

Jeffrey N. Brown, the chief executive of the Wadsworth Atheneum Museum of Art, leads one of three fine arts museums in the Hartford area that plan to collaborate on marketing, exhibitions and possibly fundraising to chart a course out of a pandemic that has left the institutions
struggling. Here, Brown is shown at the entrance to “Fired Up,” an exhibition of contemporary
glass work created out of the artists’ desire to connect with their material and engage greater
conversations surrounding community. (Douglas Hook)

Connecticut’s fine arts museums — the stewards of hundreds of millions of dollars worth of
artworks — are struggling to recover from a pandemic that closed them for months, cut deeply
into attendance and membership, and left wide funding gaps in operating budgets.

The road back could take years.

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Published November 28, 2022
By Kenneth R. Gosselin
Hartford Courant

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