Meet Our Members: Thrown Stone Theatre Company

Connecticut Arts Alliance has begun a series of posts spotlighting its CAA members. The Membership Program, begun earlier this year, joins together arts organizations, artists, and arts patrons throughout Connecticut in building a strong arts and culture sector that benefits the arts and all Connecticut residents.

Thrown Stone Theatre Company in Ridgefield presents new and reimagined plays that spark reflection, emotion, and conversation. The company cultivates artists and audiences through opportunity, education, and mentorship, emphasizing new work and unconventional approaches to repertoire. They are committed to integrity, inclusiveness, and using technology to serve the region with theater of distinction.

The company members of Thrown Stone believe that work is inseparable from the place where it grows. They honor and celebrate local character, culture, and history. All theater is site-specific, and Thrown Stone will highlight local facilities and resources in our productions.

Thrown Stone is named after an allegory by the 17th-century philosopher, Benedict de Spinoza. Opposing Descartes’ conception of free will, he argued that like thrown stones, we are set in motion by “the impulsion of an external cause” and are “necessarily determined by some external cause to exist and operate in a fixed and determinate manner.” It also sounds cool. Read more on the company’s About page.

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