February 15, 2011

Over 1300 arts advocates signed the following petition submitted to Governor Dannel Malloy on February 15, 2011

Dear Governor Malloy,

As mayor of Stamford, you experienced firsthand what a thriving arts community means for the economic well-being of a city — and your support made the difference. We urge you as governor to do the same for Connecticut!

Please reinforce the message that a creative economy ensures jobs, financial security and cultural vitality. You heard us when the CT Arts Alliance met with you at the Bushnell before the election. Please hear us now. Don’t let our state miss the opportunity to leverage the arts for a better economy and a more vibrant place to live and work:

  • Over 22 million people per year experience CT’s arts and cultural attractions.
  • Arts = Jobs: 10,296 arts-related businesses provide over 37,000 jobs directly.
  • The arts generate over $3.8 billion in direct gross state product annually, including $2.6 billion in personal income.

We urge you to consider the recommendations made in the CT Arts Alliance Platform and the Addendum on Arts and Culture sent to your Transition Policy Committee, including:

1. Preserve and enhance state funding for the Arts

  • Restore arts funding to $5 million to fund the Basic Cultural Resources grants
  • Maintain annual allocations to the CT Arts Endowment Fund
  • Maintain 1% for the “Art in Public Spaces” program

2. Maintain an independent National Endowment for the Arts-approved State Arts Commission

3. Appoint a Creative Economy Council (Bill 6050)

4. Use state bonding to improve and stimulate employment to benefit historic and anchor cultural facilities

We, the undersigned, affirm our support and belief that arts and culture should be viewed as a strategic cornerstone of economic development in our state.

Thank you for your continued support of one of Connecticut’s greatest resources. As pledged in the CT Arts Alliance meeting with you, arts leaders are ready to meet with you or members of your staff to provide additional input to help meet your goals of driving the economic vitality and health of the state of Connecticut.

The CT Arts Alliance & Arts Advocates across Connecticut

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Connecticut Arts Alliance

The Connecticut Arts Alliance (CAA) was founded in 2005 as an advocacy organization to ensure that the arts remain central to life in Connecticut. The organization strives to promote and underscore the value of all achievements of the arts industry and all of the ways in which the arts improve daily life for residents of the State. Among its most visible programs are assisting with workshops for the annual Connecticut Arts Day at the Capitol organized by the Connecticut Office of the Arts, and providing advocacy guidance and resources in concert with the Office of the Arts and regional arts service organizations. The organization works to foster public education and awareness of the arts, to increase funding for the arts, and to influence public funding decisions and actions that affect the arts.