1% for the ARTS

The American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) sends money directly to municipalities in Connecticut for leadership to use in ways that will best help their towns. We are asking local leadership to reserve 1% for the arts.

A number of towns have already committed at least 1% to the arts. If your town isn’t on the map, reach out to your leadership and ask them to reserve 1% for the arts using the resources on this page.

In addition to our resources below, here’s a toolkit for nonprofits put together by The Alliance to help you access funds.

What to Send to Your Leadership

Read the letter we sent to municipal leaders. You can use this same letter when contacting your leadership, just be sure to add a personal note explaining why this funding is important to you and your community.

Why 1%?

Because a vibrant, thriving arts and culture scene directly benefits the recovery of restaurants, lodging, tourism and hospitality industries. Furthermore, outdoor events throughout the summer and fall are vital for reviving downtowns, restoring jobs, and renewing our social connection. 1% will have a large and direct positive impact on your communities!

Wondering how much money is coming to your area? View the estimated funding allocation numbers courtesy of Connecticut Main Street Center.

Ideas to Sustain and Expand the Arts and Culture Community

Your town committed 1% to support the arts & culture sector, now it has to be distributed to the community. We have put together a list of ideas for distributing the funding down below. For more information or help establishing some of the ideas, reach out to your area’s Designated Regional Service Organization.