July 24, 2013


The Connecticut State Legislature approved a biennial budget on June 2, 2013.

The Appropriations Committee established an Arts Commission and transfers funding from the Culture, Tourism and Arts grant account in the amount of $1,797,830 for both FY 14 & FY 15. This represents a reduction from $2 million from FY 13.

The Commission shall consist of one member appointed by the Governor, six members appointed by Legislative leaders, and two appointed by the Chairs of the Appropriations Committee. The Commission’s task will be reviewing and awarding competitive grants to eligible cultural, tourism, and arts organization

Other Arts and Culture Highlights:

1. Creation of the Connecticut Arts Council: Creates a 13-member council within DECD and authorizes it to establish a foundation to raise funds and receive gifts from private sources to encourage participation in, and promotion, development, acceptance, and appreciation of, artistic and cultural activities (§ 245). Allows the foundation to disburse funds and execute contracts to foster and promote the arts (§ 245). Allows the foundation to apply for and receive grants, so long as it cooperates with and avoids directly competing with other Connecticut arts organizations when doing so (§ 245).

Beginning January 15, 2014, requires the council to annually notify DECD of the total amount of matching grants arts organizations are eligible to receive from the Connecticut Arts Endowment Fund (§ 248).

2. Statewide Marketing: Funding is increased for Statewide Marketing (i.e., ‘Still Revolutionary’ Campaign) in the amount of $525,000 in each year, from the original estimated amount. Total funding: $12,000,000 each year, for FY13 & FY14.

3. Maintain Funding for Tourism Districts: Funding is maintained for the three Tourism Districts in the amount of $1,593,600 each year, for FY14 & FY15.

4. Film Production Tax Credit Moratorium: Establishes a two year moratorium on film production tax credits for FYs 14 and 15 for motion pictures that have not been designated as state certified productions prior to July 1, 2013 but there is an exception for a motion picture that conducts at least 25% of its principal photography days in a Connecticut facility that (1) receives at least $25 million in private investment and (2) opens for business on or after July 1, 2013.


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