June 2, 2010

Final FY11 State Budget

The Connecticut Commission on Culture and Tourism (CCT) was significantly impacted during this Legislative Session. While the original 2010-2011 appropriated Budget for CCT was $18,090,778, the final Budget approved in May reflects a decrease of $1.4 million to $16,690, 361.

The Commission’s two grant pools were both reduced for FY11. Basic Cultural Resources Grants were cut from the $1,425,000 approved for FY10 to $1,398,750 for FY11. The Culture, Tourism and Arts Grants were reduced to $1,879,708 from $1,914,708.

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Connecticut Arts Alliance

The Connecticut Arts Alliance (CAA) was founded in 2005 as an advocacy organization to ensure that the arts remain central to life in Connecticut. The organization strives to promote and underscore the value of all achievements of the arts industry and all of the ways in which the arts improve daily life for residents of the State. Among its most visible programs are assisting with workshops for the annual Connecticut Arts Day at the Capitol organized by the Connecticut Office of the Arts, and providing advocacy guidance and resources in concert with the Office of the Arts and regional arts service organizations. The organization works to foster public education and awareness of the arts, to increase funding for the arts, and to influence public funding decisions and actions that affect the arts.