Create The Vote Toolkit

Here's How You Can Help Create The Vote This Election Day!

Create the Vote CT is a nonpartisan voter education campaign that raises awareness and support for the arts. If we want the arts to thrive, we need to support arts champions! Are you ready to support yours? Here’s how you can help!

1.Send an email to your friends and family encouraging them to support arts champions.

Here’s a sample:

{Enter Personal Greeting}

The candidates we support this November will be legislators making decisions about budget priorities in 2023 and they’ll be the ones who will support policies that benefit the arts community. If we want the arts to be a priority, then we need to support arts champions! By connecting with candidates in your district, you can help ensure that the arts are a priority for legislators in 2023.

Candidates have shared their thoughts on important arts policy issues by answering  the #CreatetheVoteCT arts survey. Before you vote on November 8, check out the candidates’ positions on arts and culture and share with friends, family, and fellow voters. You may also share the attached graphics and survey link on your social media pages. 

Polls in Connecticut are open from 6:00 a,m, until 8:00 p.m. To confirm your registration and check your polling location, click here: https://portaldir.ct.gov/sots/LookUp.aspx.

2.Share on Social Media 

Here are some samples:

Support Arts Champions! Learn about candidates' positions on arts and culture with their answers to our #CreateTheVoteCT arts survey. #CTelections {Add link}

Election season is the time to make your voice heard! Before you vote, check out candidates' positions on arts and culture in our #CreateTheVoteCT arts survey. #CTelections {Add link}

Want to know where candidates stand on arts and culture? Check out their responses to our #CreatetheVoteCT arts survey! #CTelections {Add link}

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Here are a couple of graphics for your use: 

Right click or press and hold on the image to save.


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