Legislators who join the Arts, Culture, and Tourism Caucus show their support for our community by joining with others to support the arts. If your legislator is already a member, thank them. If not, reach out and encourage them to join.

Caucus Members

Title Name Email
Rep. Barry, Jill
Rep. Berger-Girvalo,Aimee
Sen. Berthel, Eric
Rep. Bett, Whit
Rep. Bolinksy, Mitch
Rep. Co-Chair Borer, Dorinda
Rep. Boyd, Pat
Rep. Buckbee, William
Sen. Vice Chair Cabrera, Jorge
Rep. Candelaria, Juan
Rep. Carney,Devin
Rep. Cheeseman, Holly
Sen. Cohen, Christine
Rep. Comey, Robin
Rep. Concepcion, Julio
Rep. Conley, Christine
Rep. Cook, Michelle
Rep. Dathan, Lucy
Rep. Dillon, Patricia
Rep. Dubinsky, Doug
Rep. Farrar, Kate
Sen. Co-Chair Formica, Paul
Rep. France, Mike
Rep. Goupil, Christine
Rep. Gresko, Joseph
Rep. Harrison, Cindy
Sen. Haskell, Will
Rep. Hennessy, John
Rep. Horn, Maria
Sen. Hwang, Tony
Rep. Kavros-Degraw, Eleni
Rep. Kennedy, Kathy
Rep. Klarides-Ditria, Nicole
Sen. Kushner, Julie
Sen. Lesser, Matt
Sen. Maroney, James
Sen. Martin, Henri
Rep. McCarthy Vahey, Cristin
Rep. McCarty, Kathleen
Rep. Michel, David
Sen. Miner, Craig
Rep. Morrin Bello, Amy
Rep. Napoli, Ron
Rep. Nolan, Anthony
Sen. Osten, Catherine
Rep. Petit, William
Rep. Piscopo, John
Rep. Rochelle, Kara Kara.Rochelle@cga.ctgov
Rep. Ryan,Kevin
Rep. Smith, Brian
Sen. Somers, Heather
Rep. Steinberg, Jonathan
Rep. Tercyak, Peter
Rep. Thomas, Stephanie
Rep. Turco, Gary
Rep. Veach,Donna Donna.Veach@cga.ct,gov
Rep. Welander, Mary
Rep. Winkler, Michael
Rep. Young, Phil
Rep. Vice Chair Zawistowski, Tami
Rep. Zupkus, Lezlye