CT Arts & Culture Sector Information

The core data points that highlight the state’s arts & culture sector:

Take a deep dive into specific reports, information about COVID impact on the state’s arts & culture sector, and see how Connecticut’s funding compares to other states:
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The Story of Arts Funding in Connecticut

Funding appropriated by the state to the arts & culture sector flows in and out of the Tourism Fund. The Tourism Fund’s main source of income is a 10% cut of the Hotel and Lodging tax revenue. This money from tax revenue flowing into the Tourism Fund is split roughly 60/40 with the larger part funding Connecticut Tourism and the smaller part funding the entire arts and culture sector.

That smaller portion is then split to fund: specific line items, CT Office of the Arts, and CT Humanities. CT Office of the Arts then funds the rest of the arts sector that mostly don’t receive line items and CT Humanities does the same with the humanities.

Learn more about Connecticut arts funding including flow charts, details about the Tourism Fund, and more about CT Office of the Arts and CT Humanities:
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