Get Out the Vote Toolkit

Create the Vote CT is providing this online toolkit to help Co-Sponsors and other partners in our nonpartisan public education campaign to Get Out the Vote on Election Day.



Election Day

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Sample email or Newsletter

Tuesday, November 6, is Election Day.

Over the past six months, Create the Vote CT has worked to raise awareness and support for the arts among voters and candidates running for public office. Through our candidate questionnaire, meetings with candidates, and our gubernatorial forum, we’ve shown that the arts are a solution for vibrant cities, education, and private investment.

At a time when technology and politics tend to divide us, the Create the Vote CT nonpartisan campaign—established by arts, cultural, and creative institutions and leaders and allies—has brought together candidates and voters to discuss the ways that arts and creative expression connect and engage us.

Now, we need to make sure the creative community and our allies turn out to vote.

Before you vote on November 6, check out the candidates’ positions on arts and culture and share with friends, family, and fellow voters. Share the logo above and links on the Connecticut Arts Alliance Facebook and Twitter accounts. If you have an Instagram account, please share there too so we reach a wide and diverse community.

Polls in Connecticut are open from 6:00 a,m, until 8:00 p.m. on November 6. To confirm your registration and check your polling location, click here.


Sample Social Media Posts

[I/we/my organization] want to elect politicians who know that #ArtsMatter! Before you vote on November 6, learn about candidates’ positions on arts and culture with their answers to our #CreateTheVoteCT questionnaire.

Election season is the time to make your voice heard! Before you vote on November 6, check out candidates’ positions on arts and culture in our #CreateTheVote questionnaire.

Want to know where candidates stand on arts and culture before you vote on November 6? Check out their responses to our #CreatetheVote questionnaire!





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