Arts Bills

The bills we tracked during the 2021 Legislative Session

The 2021 legislative session ended on June 9th, 2021. The bills below are no longer up for consideration, but serve an examples of the types of bills that we actively track during a legislative session.

CAA Priority Bills

In accordance with CAA’s 2021 Policy Platform.

H.B. 6119 “An Act Concerning Arts, Culture, and Tourism Funding”

Introduced by: Commerce Committee
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Status: Inactive. Not brought forward for a vote in the Finance Committee.

Purpose: To strengthen the arts, culture, and tourism sector in Connecticut by directing additional funds into the Tourism Fund, renaming the fund to better represent the full scope of the sector and ensuring equitable funding among arts, culture, and tourism initiatives.

Impact: increases funding for the arts by depositing more of the room occupancy tax to the Tourism Fund.

S.B. 146 “An Act Authorizing Sports Wagering, Internet Gaming, Internet Lottery and Internet Keno”

Introduced by: Public Safety and Security Committee
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Status: Inactive. The contents of the bill transferred to H.B. 6451 that was signed into law.

Purpose: To authorize sports wagering, internet gaming, internet lottery and internet keno in this state.
Relevance to the arts sector: As written, proposes $10 million for the Tourism Fund and $20 million for a separate tourism marketing line item.

H.B. 5853 “An Act Concerning the Retail Sale and Taxation of Marijuana”

Introduced by: Representative Juan R. Candelaria, 95th Dist.
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Purpose: To provide for the retail sale of marijuana, the taxation of such sales and the use of revenue generated from such tax.
Relevance to the arts sector: Potential revenue source to Tourism Fund

H.B. 5184 “An Act Imposing a Tax on Sugar-Sweetened Beverages”

Introduced by: Representative Jonathan Steinberg, 136th Dist.
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Purpose: To impose a tax on sugar-sweetened beverages.
Relevance to the arts sector: Potential revenue source to Tourism Fund

S.B. 298 “An Act Concerning the Reuse of Works of Art in State Buildings”

Introduced by: Senator Rob Sampson, 16th Dist.
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Purpose: To reduce state spending by reusing existing works of art in state buildings.
– Eliminates the requirement that the State Bond Commission allocate from the proceeds of state bonds one percent of the total estimated cost of the construction, reconstruction or remodeling of a state
building for the purchase of works of art
– Permits works of art already present in an existing state building to be transferred to state construction, reconstruction or remodeling projects.
Relevance to the arts sector: It would eliminate the State’s Percent for Art program. The sector should oppose this bill.

Other Arts and Culture Bills

These are other bills that relate to the arts and culture sector that were on CAA’s radar. Not sure how to track bills? Follow our how-to guide on bill tracking resources.

H.B. 6103 “An Act Concerning Property Tax Exemptions for Property Use for Charitable Purposes”
H.B. 5615 “An Act Concerning the Tourism and Hospitality Industries”
H.B. 5563 “An Act Allowing Municipalities to Assess Fees on Certain Nonprofit Organizations for Certain Municipal Services”
S.B. 165 “An Act Concerning A Covid-19 Memorial”
S.B. 620 “An Act Concerning a Public Hearing Requirement for Budget Earmarks”
H.B. 5781 “An Act Requiring An Arts Supervisor in Each Public School”
H.B. 6030 “An Act Concerning Art Therapists”
H.B. 6294 “An Act Establishing Licensure for Music Therapists in Connecticut”
H.B. 5254 “An Act Requiring the Public Utilities Regulatory Authority to Amend the Process of Attaching Equipment to Public Utility Poles”
S.B. 430 “An Act Concerning Regional Tourism District Boards of Directors”
S.B. 624 “An Act Concerning Connecticut Tourism Council Membership”
H.B. 5041 “An Act Authorizing Bonds of the State for the Renovation of the Thomaston Opera House”
H.B. 5168 “An Act Concerning Signs Indicating the Location of the Marlborough Arts Center”
H.B. 5210 “An Act Concerning Funding for the Warner Theatre”
S.B. 351 “An Act Authorizing Bonds of the State to Rebuild the Shakespeare Theater in Stratford”