Art is Part Talking Points

Connecticut Can’t Recover from the Pandemic Without the Arts!

The arts sector represents:

  • 5% of the state’s economy
  • Generates $9 billion annually
  • Supports 57,000 nonprofit jobs

During the COVID-19 Pandemic, the arts and culture sector:

  • Lost $2.4 billion in sales
  • Lost 33,258 creative economy jobs
  • Lost $400 million in revenue for arts and cultural nonprofits

Legislative Action is Required to prevent further economic injury, address the impact of the shutdown, and accelerate recovery of not only the Arts sector, but all of Connecticut.

During the 2021 Legislative Session, we asked legislators to:

  • Replenish the Tourism Fund – The Office of Policy Management estimates that the Tourism Fund will end FY21 with a $13.8 million shortfall.
  • Dedicate 25% of proceeds from lodging tax to tourism fund by increasing the allocation from 10% to 25%. The increase does not affect lodging tax rates.
  • Allocate a portion of proceeds from other state taxes and/or new revenue.
  • Ensure funding for CT Office of the Arts and CT Humanities reflects their role as the state’s main source of support for arts and culture nonprofits in every municipality.