Art is Part CT

#ArtisPartCT is CAA’s action campaign for the state’s legislative session that works to ensure legislators understand that the arts are part of Connecticut’s economy and vibrancy as a state. As such, the arts need to be a priority in all legislative sessions to ensure their sustainability and stability as a key industry.

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The Arts are Part

Elected officials will need to quickly address complex issues facing the future of our state. They must understand that supporting and protecting the arts and culture community are critical to our economy, sustaining our neighborhoods, and enriching our lives.

Legislators need to make sure the arts are part of the solution.

Specifically, Connecticut Arts Alliance prioritizes four major points (based on needs for 2021 legislative session):

  1. Replenishing the Tourism Fund to prevent further economic injury, job losses in the sector, and maintain flat funding.
  2. Dedicate 25% of proceeds from the hotel and lodging tax to the Tourism Fund.
  3. Allocate a portion of proceeds from other state taxes and/or new revenue to fund the Tourism Fund.
  4. Ensure funding for CT Office of the Arts and CT Humanities to reflect their roles as the state’s main source of support for arts and culture nonprofits.

Explore our advocacy resources to learn more about how state arts funding works, our policy platform (as of 2021), and how to be an effective advocate for the arts and culture community.

With so much at stake, the arts community needs to be ready to make a strong case with elected leaders. And that means we need your voice.

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